100° East is the premier Thai restaurant in Moseley.  If you want to enjoy beautiful Thai food served in elegant surroundings then we invite you to join us for dinner.

Thai Green Curry served at top Thai Restaurant in Sutton Coldfield100° East is unique among Moseley restaurants in that not only do we serve tantalising Thai dishes but we complement them with the very best Chinese and Malaysian cuisine.

These three cuisines combine together perfectly and you can mix and match the dishes.  For example our Eastern Feast pairs classic Thai Green Curry with traditional Chinese sweet and sour pork, Malaysian stir fried mixed vegetables in garlic sauce and sliced beef in teriyaki sauce.

Alternatively, you can focus on just one country, such as Thailand.  We offer a range of succulent Thai dishes including:

A Sample of Our Thai Starters

TOM YUM SOUP- spicy Thai soup with lemon grass, mushroom, fresh chilli and coriander.

CHILLI BASIL BEEF- Mince Beef with basil, fine beans and chilli served with Iceberg lettuce

THAI GOLDEN BAG-  Deep fried golden bag wrapped with carrot, celery, onion, sweet corn and water chestnut.

Some of Our Thai Main Courses

THAI GREEN CURRY- with Thai aubergines, red chilli, sweet basil and lime leaves cooked in coconut milk.

MASSAMAN CURRY- cooked in coconut milk with potato, onions and peanuts, creating a mild sweet flavour.  Voted the most delicious dish in the world in a recent CNN survey. 

WOK FRIED CHICKEN AND CASHEW NUTS- with mushrooms, spring onions and red and green peppers topped with cashew nuts.

SALMON IN PANANG PASTE- salmon cooked in panang curry sauce with coconut milk and garnished with shredded red chilli and basil leaves.

THAI RED SNAPPER- stir fired red snapper with Thai basil, onions, chillies, red and green pepper with sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce and lime juice.

PAD THAI- classic Thai-style rice noodles cooked with tamarind, peanuts, egg, bean sprouts and spring onions in our homemade pad Thai sauce.

We have over 70 dishes on our a la carte menu and all 3 cuisines are well represented allowing you to choose your favourite or sample all of them.

We invite you to join us this evening and discover for yourself why we are the premier Thai restaurant in Moseley.