We invite to The Eastern: your Malaysian restaurant in Sutton Coldfield.

Photo of Chicken Satay served at our Malaysian restaurantThe Eastern is unique among Sutton Coldfield restaurants as it is only fine dining Malaysian restaurant in the area.  Our menu contains over 100 Pan Asian dishes with Malaysian cuisine being well represented. Malaysian food is not as well established as Chinese and Thai cuisine in the UK and this is the perfect opportunity for you to sample the best dishes from the region. 

Our Malaysian dishes include:

A Selection of Malaysian Starters

GADO GADO- salad of bean sprouts, cucumber, carrots, tofu and boiled eggs served with satay sauce.

SATAY – a traditional Malay delicacy comprising of marinated small pieces of meat placed on bamboo skewers and grilled to perfection complemented with satay sauce.  Choose from Chicken, Mixed Vegetable and Beef.

BUTTER PRAWNS- very popular starter fried king prawns with butter paste curry leaf and fresh chilli.

STEAMED SCALLOPS- two fresh king scallops steamed in garlic and fresh ginger sauce.

Your Malaysian Main Course Choices

MALAYSIAN KARI- Malaysian kari made from the right blend of spices for an authentic taste flavoured with coconut milk, coriander, fresh ginger, garlic, chillies and curry leaves.

RENDANG- this hot dry spiced dish of tenderly simmered meat and coconut milk offers the typical taste of Malaysia, balanced with
robust tangy spices (we recommend you enjoy this with chicken or lamb)

SAMBAL- cooked in a classic malay sauce: a spicy sauce made with chillies, shallots, garlic, red onions, tamarind paste and a dried
shrimp paste (we recommend this with chicken, lamb or scallops)

REMPAH AYAM- very famous chicken dish slow cooked with coconut, shallots, lemon grass and a spicy mixed paste.

LAMB IN SATAY SAUCE- stir fried lamb with fresh red and green peppers, pineapple and onions served in a spicy peanut satay sauce.

CRISPY SHREDDED BEEF- strips of beef seasoned and fried until crispy
and served in our chef’s special hot garlic chilli sauce.

HOT AND SOUR RED SNAPPER- fried marinated red snapper fillet cooked in fresh, tomato, onion, hot garlic chilli sauce and lime juice.

STIR FRIED MIXED VEGETABLES IN SATAY SAUCE- Stir-fried assorted fresh vegetables served with special peanut sauce.

BEEF CHOW QUEY TEOW NOODLES- stir fried thick noodles with sliced beef, spring onions, bean sprout, sweet radish and egg.

We invite you to see how well Malaysian dishes harmonise with the Thai and Chinese dishes by selecting our Eastern Set Menu.  This gives you the chance to sample 4 different cuisines for £26.50 per person.

(A selection of our most popular starters)
Crispy Prawn Lorbak
Vegetable Spring Rolls (Thai)
Malay Chicken Satay
Chinese BBQ spare ribs

Served with an assortment of dips

Second Course
Eastern Aromatic Duck (Chinese)

Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce (Japanese)
Lamb Kari (Malaysian)
Beef in Black Bean Sauce (Chinese)
Vegetable Tofu Pad Thai (Thai)
Stir fried Spinach with Fresh Garlic in Oyster Sauce (Chinese)

Served with steamed jasmine rice