The Eastern is proud to be ranked among the finest Chinese restaurants in Sutton Coldfield. You will enjoy a fine dining experience with us in elegant surroundings.  

We have over 100 Pan-Asian dishes on our menu with Chinese cuisine being very well represented. Our menu gives you the option of sticking with one cuisine, such as Chinese, or mixing and matching dishes from Thailand or Malaysia.  This is the perfect solution for couples or groups where one favours Chinese cooking and the other prefers the curries associated with Thailand or Malaysia.

Our extensive menu covers Chinese dishes such as:

Sample of Chinese Starters

Photo of Yuk Sung Served at The Eastern one of the Finest Chinese Restaurants in Sutton ColdfieldHOT AND SOUR SOUP – Chicken or mixed vegetables in a sour and spicy soup cooked with a rich Szechuan chilli bean.

WONTON SOUP- Pork stuffed savory dumplings served in a rich broth with seaweed, Chinese leaf and spring onions.

YUK SUNG- Choice of minced chicken, pork or vegetable wrapped in a crispy iceberg, lettuce.  Our most popular starter as shown in photo.

CRISPY AROMATIC DUCK- Shredded crispy duck served with pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and hoisin sauce.

Some of Our Chinese Main Dishes

RACK OF LAMB IN BLACK PEPPER SAUCE- four tender French trimmed lamb chops marinated and topped up with Black Pepper Sauce served with crispy salad.

SWEET AND SOUR- Your choice of deep fried, diced pork or stir fried chicken or mixed vegetables served with fresh pineapple in a classic sweet and sour sauce.

BEEF IN BLACK PEPPER SAUCE-  Sliced beef with crushed black peppercorns, chopped onions, red and green pepper, ginger and spring onions.

LOBSTER- Seasoned stir fried lobster with fresh ginger, garlic, spring onions, onions and coriander.

BEAN CURD WITH BLACK MUSHROOMS-s stir fried bean curd with black mushrooms, Chinese fungus, bamboo shoot, snow peas and a touch of oyster sauce.

Or how about one of our Chef’s Recommendations, the delicious:

HOISIN HONEY AROMA PORK- stir fried pork with onion, red and green pepper, shaoxing wine, top with sesame seeds and coriander.

We invite you to see how well Chinese dishes harmonise with the other cuisines by choosing our Eastern Feast.  This gives you the chance to sample 4 different cuisines for £21.50 per person.


Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls
Japanese Prawn Tempura
Malay Chicken Satay
Chinese Barbeque Spare Ribs

Served with an assortment of dips

Thai Green Chicken Curry 
Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork 
Japanese Sliced Beef in Teriyaki Sauce
Malaysian Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce

Served with Chinese Sausage Egg Fried Rice

We invite you to dinner to discover for yourself why we are considered to be one of the premier Chinese restaurants in Sutton Coldfield.